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Risk Management (e-learning)

Risk management is one of the most important competencies to possess as a project manager. Projects entail - by virtue of being unique - risk. Risk can be positive (opportunities) and negative (threats). The purpose of risk management is to exploit opportunities and mitigate threats.

In this e-learning course you will learn the six processes of risk management: planning, identification, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, response strategy, and finally, monitoring, control and management of risk.

Course duration: Approximately 2,5 hours of e-learning

  • Module 1 Introduction to Project Risk
  • Module 2 Risk identification
  • Module 3 Qualitative risk analysis
  • Module 4 Quantitative risk analysis
  • Module 5 Response strategy
  • Module 6 Risk control, monitoring and management
  • Du må fullføre enhetene «Module 1 Introduction to Project Risk, Module 2 Risk identification, Module 3 Qualitative risk analysis, Module 4 Quantitative risk analysis, Module 5 Response strategy, Module 6 Risk control, monitoring and management»
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